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Posted on July 22, 2019 by Amber Shepherd

Hey there! The Cash Practice team is excited to work with you! Since our team will be working so closely with yours, we wanted to make sure you knew the people that are on the other end of the phone or email. Let’s get started!

Meet the Team:

Dr. Miles Bodzin, Founder & CEO

The man that started it all! Dr. Miles Bodzin is the creator and founder of Cash Practice Systems. You can learn all about his journey to creating a successful practice and Cash Practice by watching our movie, The Calling – A True Story at www.TheCallingMovie.com. Things you may not know:

  • Lover of cats and dogs (we have caught him “baby talking” to his cats!)
  • A Procrastinator! He often jokes that “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done!” → This is why someone else is writing this bio page for him 😜
  • Loves yard work He takes great pride in maintaining his.
  • Perfected the “Dad Dance” and an evil belly laugh.
  • Loves to surf! Cow-a-bunga!
  • Inspired by the genius of Albert Einstein.
  • Gives great advice to our entire team about “adulting”.
  • Tells it like it is – does not sugar coat things.

Holly Jensen, Chief Operations Officer

Holly has been with Cash Practice since the beginning, having begun has a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) back in 2002 at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. From there, she became Office Manager and eventually transitioned into her current role as Chief Operations Officer of Cash Practice Systems.

She has taught thousands of DC’s & CA’s how to have a successful and FUN practice through her work at Cash Practice but also inspires others by speaking publicly at many events including, Parker Seminars.  She has graced the cover of The Chiropractic Assistant Magazine as well! You can learn more about her story by watching The Calling- A True Story at www.TheCallingMovie.com.

Holly grew up in Yucca Valley, CA and raised her 4 kids along with her husband in San Diego. She’s a former Navy wife (her husband retired after 20 years!). Holly is also a grandma to 3 sweet grandbabies and mom to 3 dogs and 1 cat. She really enjoys time with her big family, crafting and gardening!

Holly is also the office prankster! Everyone is always on guard around April Fool’s Day!

Sales Department

This team is probably your first interaction with Cash Practice Systems. They specialize in introducing our services to potential new members and determining how we can help your practice. Get to know them below:

Brittany Anne Miller – Cash Practice Specialist – Department Supervisor

Brittany has been nominated by her peers as, “The Most Likely To Call Someone The Sweetest” award. Her passion for chiropractic started by a horrific equine incident, where she was trampled by her 1200lb horse in a freak accident. She was told she would need back surgery but knew there was another way. Coincidentally, at the same time, she was referred by her best friend, Moriah Bodzin, to apply for a job at Cash Practice Systems. In 2012, she started her career as a Training and Support Representative and is now leading the Cash Practice Sales team. Since being treated by Dr. Miles Bodzin and learning about Chiropractic, her pain is gone, and she has been blessed with the ability and passion to give back to the chiropractic profession and help other chiropractic offices serve more patients and witness the miracles of chiropractic every day!

Brittany also pursued her passion in becoming a rodeo queen for the Bulls Only Rodeo, volunteering and raising money for the youth and community. She now competes in Barrel Racing. Brittany is known for being a force of positivity, wisdom, and empowerment and lives to serve and give back to the profession that changed her life forever. Brittany just purchased her first home in the Spring of 2019 and is recently engaged.

Amanda Williams – Cash Practice Specialist


Amanda started at Cash Practice when she was only 19 years young in 2013. She dabbled around in different departments like Training and Support and Billing but has now landed as a Cash Practice Sales Representative. She has been voted by her peers at the office as “Most Likely to Drink Hot Sauce” and proudly wears this as her other title (she LOVES spicy food).

She has lived in San Diego, California her whole life so she has been spoiled with warm weather and sunshine. What a horrible place to grow up, right? When she is not serving the Chiropractic community at work, she is most likely: drinking coffee, playing with puppies, spending time outside as much as possible soaking up that Vitamin D, staying active by going to the gym, traveling (her goal is to try travel to one new place a year), and spending her summer days in Lake Havasu, Arizona. She is also a country line dancer. She loves spending time with friends at local country bars line dancing and two-stepping. If Amanda didn’t grow up in California, her ideal place to live would be in Texas where her family is from. She has a love for the country and wide-open spaces.

Brittany “Elise” Miller – Cash Practice Specialist

 Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Brittany “Elise” Miller has been part of our Cash Practice family since January of 2018. She started out on the Training and Support team and eventually transitioned to the Cash Practice Specialist Department. She now helps to guide doctors to achieve the practice of their dreams.

Elise has a strong love for chiropractic and is passionate about helping others and giving to those around her.

In Elise’s spare time she likes to spend time with her son Bobby, who is 4 years old. She loves animals, nature, being outdoors (especially the beach) and has an adventurous spirit. She loves to hike and travel with her son and give him as many experiences as possible. She also loves to volunteer and give back to the community.

Samantha Cowan – Cash Practice Specialist

Samantha started with Cash Practice Systems in April 2018. She’s in the Sales Department and loves helping new members get ready to change their lives with Cash Practice Systems!
Sam is from Sacramento, CA and moved to San Diego in 2013. She’s been married since 2005, has 2 kids, 3 cats, and a dog that always gets mistaken for a fox.

She loves to take her kids camping, going to Disneyland, the zoo, and the beach! She also loves road trips and will drive anywhere in the spur of the moment. On the weekends, you’ll never find her at home– she’s always out with her kids going somewhere fun! She’s also a huge fan of running half marathons and 5Ks with her kids to benefit military families (Sam’s hubby has been in the Navy since 2004 so anything that has to do with military families is always near and dear to her).

Account Success/Onboarding Department

The Account Success Managers are experts in all things Cash Practice use! They are the ones that assist in the onboarding, training and implementation process. They are with our Members throughout their entire membership and are their advocates in succeeding with the systems.


Amber Shepherd – Customer Experience Supervisor & Coordinating Manager


Amber is a Cash Practice Team Member Lifer. She started as a CA at Dr. Bodzin’s Chiropractic office back in 2007 at the wee ole age of 18 (Holly likes to remind her that she interviewed in her big sister’s clothes!). Amber worked as a CA and at Cash Practice while she obtained her Bachelors Degree from San Diego State University. After graduating Amber went full time at Cash Practice and since then, has dabbled in basically every department and continues to wear many hats. She is currently head of the Account Success Manager Department, coordinates travel and events, and is in charge of our social media. She also tends to do a lot of random things because that’s what happens when you are a Cash Practice ninja like that!


  • Stopping to acknowledge/admire every doggie nearby and hanging out with her dogs Tuff (American Bulldog) and Karen (English Bulldog)
  • Action and Adventure (mainly in the outdoors)
  • curling up on the couch and reading
  • Spontaneously purchasing international airline tickets (16 Countries and counting!) and last-minute camping/road trips
  • Talking Chiropractic every day
  • Spending all day wearing a swimsuit (life goal)
  • Shooting guns to prepare for the zombie apocalypse
  • Quoting The Office, The Big Lebowski, and Will Farrell Movies
  • Doing the air guitar on her leg


  • people that talk with their mouth full
  • having to do math in her head
  • Running out of food

Celeste Frandsen – Account Success Manager

Celeste is a lover of long walks on the beach and English period piece dramas (now welcoming all Downton Abbey fans). Coming from a Chiropractic background before joining the team, she truly understands what it’s like to not only be a great CA but how to G.S.D. ! *insert giggles from EPIC offices*

She enjoys her work here by training Doctors and their staff on how to use our online software, giving advice on where to find the best tacos in San Diego, and assisting our members with resetting their password (at least 2x a day).

In her free time you can find her doing laundry like a Disney princess, or playing with her Guinea Pig, Pierre (sadly not named after anyone famous). She enjoys volunteering her free time (when not doing laundry) with the sport of rodeo in Lakeside, CA (we have 4 rodeos in San Diego County!), where all proceeds go back to the youth of her community. She loves the feeling of giving back and watching cowboys fall down.

Olivia Emory – Account Success Manager

Olivia started at Cash Practice as a Training & Support Representative in Oct 2016 and has been a part of the build-out of the Account Success Manager Department, which is now her main role here. Friends call her Liv. She likes to call out spelling errors and when people jumble words because she is weird and finds it hilarious. She also likes to laugh really loud. Well, she can’t really help that actually.

Despite being a Navy brat, she’s lived in beautiful San Diego her entire life but would love to move to a place like Tennessee or Colorado for awhile. She is a new dog mom and is obsessed with her Pit Bull/Basset Hound Mix, Maggie. She is married to her high school sweetheart (cue the “aws” and heart emojis) and they love to hang out with their amazing group of friends that are more like family.

Liv loves music and sings and plays guitar, but probably won’t if you asked her to do it on the spot. She loves to advocate for mental health and emotional wellness. She also is a vintage collector and enamored with the 60s and 70s culture, music, and fashion. Put on some Fleetwood Mac and give her a cup of craft coffee (she is a coffee snob, but we still like her!) and she is in her happy place.


Training & Support Department


Jayden Good – Training & Support Supervisor, Account Success Manager

Jayden has been part of the team since 2016. She is the Supervisor of the Training & Support Department and also an Account Success Manager. She started working at Cash Practice shortly after moving here from the sunniest city in the world, Yuma, Arizona! We like to think of her as our office Early Bird as she is here to open the office at 6:30 am PST every day! *so if you call in first thing, she’s probably the one you will be speaking to, be nice she may not have had coffee yet!!

During the week she loves to try new dinner recipes so please send her your favorites! On the weekends you can find her at the races, in the desert or at the river & her furry best friend by her side, little Jack (he’s only 3 lbs!!)! One of Jayden’s favorite things about coming to work is not only her colleagues & our members, but the weekly adjustments done by our founder & CEO Dr. Miles Bodzin and monthly massages by our massage therapist!

Other random loves:

  • mac n cheese
  • recently discovered iced coffee & is now an addict.

Halle Boehrig – Training & Support

Halle started working at Cash Practice Systems in June, 2017 and is one of our Member Support Representatives. That’s Halle like Halle Berry, not the equally famous Holly Jensen.

Halle was born and raised in San Diego, California, and has a fur baby named Moose (he’s an adorable and scruffy labradoodle). She has traveled to several different countries including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic!

Halle loves animals, spending time with her family, and hiking. Her favorite places to hike are Big Sur and Yosemite. The scariest hike she has experienced is “Angels Landing” in Zion National Park!

Halle does not like reptiles, rodents or heights.

Jessica Cooper – Training & Support

Jessica has been a part of the Cash Practice Systems team since 2018, assisting members in the Member Support Department. She enjoys helping people learn the systems and all that they have to offer, as well as channeling her inner Sherlock Homes and playing detective to troubleshoot and assist members.
She actually fell in love with chiropractic after seeing how it improved her horse’s health first. Then when her equine chiropractor told her she should get adjusted, she did and she has been hooked ever since. She really enjoys seeing the miracles of chiropractic, not only for herself, but in how it has helped others. She is so happy to assist others in this profession.

Random fact about Jessica: She was an Interpretive Park Ranger before she started her job with Cash Practice so if you ever find yourself in San Diego, she would be happy to give you a list of some of her favorite sights!
When she is not working, Jessica enjoys hiking and finding peace of mind while out in nature, exploring historical sites (she’d be happy to take you down to Old Town San Diego and give you a history lesson) or by spending time with and riding her horse and fur baby, Charlie. She also enjoys “channeling her inner old lady” by crocheting, and spending time with family and friends.


Merchant Services Department

This is in house team of Merchant Service experts! They will help you to get your merchant accounts set up as well as answer any questions in regards to payment processing. They work with the bank on your behalf to take care of you and your business.

Laura Bartolome – Director of Merchant Services

Laura started with Cash Practice (actually Dr. Bodzin’s chiropractic office) in July 2003. She started as a filer working 4 hours per week, now she leads the Merchant Services Department.
Laura has 2 beautiful daughters, both in college. She likes to scrapbook with Shutterfly and loves to travel. Her bucket list is to visit all 50 states, but she wants to travel internationally as well.
Laura also loves sticky notes (the proof is all over her desk, wall, monitor, etc).

Spencer Plante – Merchant Services Representative

Spencer started at Cash Practice when he was just 19 years old in our Training & Support Department. Since then, he’s been committed to wearing whatever hat the company needs him to, making him a well-rounded team member with a broad understanding of the company and it’s various departments.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Spencer now lives in San Diego with his best friends and spends his free time writing & performing music, volunteering at the non-profit he co-founded in downtown San Diego, working on his Bachelor’s Degree at Biola University, rock climbing, and hanging out with his friends, and family.

Spencer likes music (a lot), reading, vegan food, his Boston Terriers (Django & Titan), making people laugh, and lives for a good podcast. He also can’t stress enough just how much he loves music.

He dislikes disliking things (who needs that kind of negativity?)

Ashley McDonald – Merchant Services Representative

Ashley took her first steps into Cash Practice Systems in January 2017. She will gladly assist you with all of your merchant services needs and questions! If you happen to get her voicemail, she is either riding her horse Bentley to get ready for their next barrel race, out in the desert supporting her boyfriend at his off-road race, taking their dog Ryder along to camp and do “jeep things” up in the mountains or on a boat floating downriver. Ashley was born and raised in San Diego and, if you could not tell by now, LOVES the outdoors. Rodeo is also a passion of hers, she has held four years of rodeo queen titles whose duties included being an ambassador and promoter for the sport/lifestyle and traveling all over California representing her home rodeo at other rodeos. So whether you have a mathematical question or a how to get the dirt out of your boots question, she’s all ears!

Aimee Eskridge – Merchant Services Representative

Started at CP in 2017 in Merchant Services. Is a
San Diego native and loving it with a 5-minute commute to work!
Have a neurotic golden retriever mix who just turned 14 years old.
Professional background: BA in Business Administration, experience in the banking industry, experience in the healthcare industry (mental health), experience in social services.
Personal background: Aimee’s family owns a Dance Studio, grew up in performing arts environment (studied tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop) and has taught tap/jazz classes for children.

Claim to fame: Performed in the Superbowl Half Time show the last time it was in San Diego. (no need to mention the year – this was a long time ago.. lol)

Dislikes: spiders, pens with no ink, watery mustard when you first squeeze it, political ads, dessert.

Loves: iced coffee, taco shops, So Cal weather, dogs, my Spotify playlist


Moriah Bodzin – Human Resources Supervisor

Moriah has been at Cash Practice since 2011. Yes, she is another Bodzin, and as Dr. Bodzin’s daughter, she was born into this industry. She runs our Human Resources, Billing, Shipping, Bookkeeping Depts… the list goes on! Moriah is from Southern California and graduated from San Diego State University (Go Aztecs!). She loves animals (especially kitty’s!), traveling, drinking tea, eating delicious food (which she’s always posting on Instagram!), and spending time with loved ones.

The team affectionately calls her the crazy cat lady.

Zachary Bodzin – Administrative Support

Zach is the son of Dr. Bodzin and started officially working for Cash Practice in October of 2014 while he was still in high school, although he unofficially started working years before that cleaning bird droppings off the office scaffold (quit shortly after since it was a crappy job💩.) Zach was born in San Diego, California, where he currently resides today.  Zach currently works part-time at Cash Practice as he’s also a full-time student, pursuing his B.S. in Finance, with interests in accounting, statistics, and actuarial sciences.

Things Zach likes: traveling, yummy food, his dogs and cats, and anything sweet.

Things Zach dislikes: trying to find parking, people who walk slowly on sidewalks, when my girlfriend is indecisive about where she wants to eat, tomatoes, being cold, and most vegetables in general.

Officially Zach started working at Cash Practice in an administration role. He would transcribe marketing videos and do handyman-type jobs around the office. Almost 5 years later today, Zach takes on many tasks. He works in shipping, office administration, SEO, and the occasional handyman job. Zach loves his job, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Cash Practice!

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