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We integrate with third-party services such as ChiroHealthUSA, Genesis, and Eclipse to improve your workflow.

Cash Practice ChiroHealhtUSA Integration - Cash Practice Software

The Cash Practice Systems’ Cash Plan Calculator integrates ChiroHealthUSA, a provider-owned network working in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization, in order to provide a simple solution for offering legal network-based discounts for cash, under-insured and “out of network” patients. Cash Practice Systems is the only software with Visit Allocation, a feature necessary to properly calculate the cost of care when using ChiroHealthUSA’s capped fees. Cash Practice Systems works with ChiroHealthUSA in order to help keep doctors in compliance with federal healthcare laws so they can focus on patient care.

The Cash Practice Genesis Chiropractic software integration is simple and effective. With a single click, open your Cash Practice Systems account directly from within the Genesis web application. No need to enter username and password. Use all the features of your Cash Practice membership directly from within Genesis. All payments processed using the Auto-Debit System are automatically imported and synced in Genesis’ patient accounts.

Cash Practice Eclipse Integration - Cash Practice Software

The Cash Practice Eclipse Integration is pretty straight forward. You use Cash Practice Systems on its own. Eclipse has the ability to import patients from Cash Practice Clients and payments from the Auto-Debit System. Just export the Clients or Payments using the Cash Practice CSV export. Then upload the files to Eclipse to sync the records. Simple as that.

Cash Practice KMC University - Cash Practice Software

KMC University and Cash Practice have partnered together to ensure your entire practice is compliantly run. They are reimbursement and compliance experts. Not only do we recommend them for you to use, KMC University is on Cash Practice’s Board of Advisors to ensure our software is compliant. Learn more here.

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