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Dr. Jason Day Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Jason Day: Our Practice, Trinity Life Center is located in the heart of Holly Springs, one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country. You know Raleigh in this Durham area has such a rich history dating back to the beginning of the country. It’s been voted as one of the absolute best places to raise a family. Ever since I was a little child I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare business.

I knew I wanted to be a doctor, I just didn’t know what kind. It wasn’t until I was about seventeen-years-old that I actually had an amazing experience with a chiropractor. I played pretty highly competitive softball with our church and one day I swung at a fastball for about two hours, then the next day I literally could not walk. This lasted a day, and then a week, then a week turned into a month, it affected every aspect of my being, so that was my first trip to the chiropractor.

To say that it turned my life around is an understatement. I actually joined chiropractic school and on that first day, on that first hour at 9:00 o’clock we had an assembly and they brought in some amazing chiropractors and amazing speakers. And I knew at 9:05 AM that this was the best decision of my life. Not only was I going to be able to help others, I was going to help them through the power of chiropractic. That’s something I get to see every single day here. At our previous practice, we did a pay per visit type of set up.

We would give recommendations but they would be around ten visits and see how it goes and you had to pay your cash visit each time you came in. Honestly, that led to incredibly low conversions because each time somebody has to fork out the cash at each visit, that’s a decision at every single visit they have to make, do I feel 45 or 55 dollars bad? That obviously led to a big-time patient drop off. Credit card processing, virtual terminals, customer support, tech support, everything is right there. Patient education, drip, it’s all under one umbrella

Before Cash Practice we gave individual plans, there was no such thing as a family plan. But with a clear blueprint that Cash Practice provides, it’s a plug and play type of system. It’s made my life so much easier and it’s made my practice a lot more profitable. An individual can look for a plan for themselves or also see what it would take to get their kids under care. With that plan up and placed, there is no guesswork. I always tell people when it comes to my health and my finances; I don’t like guesswork either.

Patients appreciate that which has led to exponentially higher conversion rates, we’re over 90%, and our patient visit average (PVA) has gone from less than 10 up to 70. My pediatric practice was less than one percent, we saw a few kids here and there. But in this practice today at latest check, we are at over 40% pediatrics. These are families coming in; these are families paying for their care on a monthly basis.

Candace Armogida: Sometimes as parents, we put ourselves last to get our children more and that’s what my husband and I were going to do. But when Dr. Jason sat down and talked with us about the finances we realized this was a choice we could make for our entire family, all six of us as a whole.

Dr. Jason Day: And I love it. It’s freedom, it’s freedom for me to focus on what matters most which is them, Cash Practice has given me that freedom. You know one of my favorite things about Cash Practice is they’re always there for me. Even though they are way over on the west coast and I’m about as far as you can go on the east coast, they are there any time of day I need them. When we did training, I tried to train myself before I can train CAs but everything is right there at your fingertips and if something isn’t quite connecting the dots, customer support is always there on the phone on the other end to answer my questions. The issue was never with the actual system it was always with me and my understanding. But in a matter of days, we mastered the system, and all that focus and energy that was on my finances, and processing, and credit cards, and billings went from that back to the patients.

Kristen Holland: It didn’t take that long to train, it only took a few days; the videos were very straightforward and easy to understand.

Dr. Jason Day: So the fact that they had videos and online modules that train you on every single step of the way, tailored made to the exact practice style that you have is invaluable.

Kristen Holland: From a CA’s point of view, I would highly recommend Cash Practice. It’s made my job so much easier and more efficient.

Dr. Jason Day: Cash Practice has been a game changer for me. It’s made a profound impact on my energy, focus, and stress. But just as important; my finances, I don’t have to worry about it, it’s all set up from the beginning and that’s why I endorse them and tell every single chiropractor I know that you have to have this system in your practice.

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