Cancellation & Refunds

Cancelling Membership:
STEP 1: Cancelling a Cash Practice Systems Membership: To close your account, login under the primary account and go to the [My Account] [Membership Info] [Request to Close Account] menu (must be logged in as the admin of your account). You must fill out the Request To Close form to submit your cancellation request. Should a dispute arise as to when you requested your account be closed, this record (which you will immediately receive a copy of by email) will serve as your only proof of closure request. Please keep the email for your records.
It is, for this reason, we will not accept closure requests by any other means. Therefore, requests for account closure will NOT be accepted by phone, email or any other means except through the [Request to Close Account] link. Should you call or email us asking to close your account, we will politely instruct you to log in and use the Request Closure button. IMPORTANT: Closing your account DOES NOT automatically close your merchant accounts. See Step 2.
STEP 2: Closing your Auto-Debit System Merchant Accounts: If you have the Auto-Debit System, the merchant accounts must be closed in ADDITION to your account. We cannot close your merchant accounts for you. Processing Point/SAGE requires you to sign an official closure request in order for your merchant account be closed. To close your merchant accounts, please contact our Merchant Service Department at or (877) 343-8950 x105
Once an account is closed, you will no longer have the ability to log back in unless you reactivate your account. For this reason, we recommend you export your list of clients prior to closing. Due to PCI and banking regulations, you are not able to export client credit card or bank account numbers nor will Cash Practice export client credit card or bank account numbers for you or another merchant processor. You will no longer have a license to use any plans you have created with the Cash Plan Calculator and any patients/prospects in your Drip-Education Email Marketing System database will cease receiving any emails. If you have auto-debits scheduled with the Auto-Debit System, they will immediately cease being processed. Once the account is closed, your account will no longer be charged. You further understand that upon account closure, your database of plans, emails, etc may be deleted. Cash Practice Inc retains the right to continue to contact you by phone, mail, email or fax. At any time, you can notify Cash Practice Inc that you would like to be removed from our contact list.
Cancellation & Refunds:
Onboarding Fee: Onboarding fees are non-refundable except in the following circumstance – $99 of your onboarding fee will be refunded only if you are not approved for a merchant account that we submitted to the bank on your behalf. Cancellation of membership does NOT qualify for an Onboarding fee refund.
Monthly & Quarterly Subscribers: No refunds.
Annual Subscribers: Should cancellation occur within the FIRST SIX MONTHS of your initial membership or each automatically renewed membership, upon request your account will be prorated based on the monthly rate for the number of member months for that membership term and refunded the difference. No refunds for cancellations that occur after 180 days of your initial membership or each automatically renewed membership term. Email to submit a refund request within these terms.
Product Returns & Warranties:
All products come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee unless specified as Final Sale. Items must be returned in new condition in their original packaging postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Exceptions include items specified as final sale. Report return requests to
Lost or Missing Packages: If you experience a lost or missing package, you must report the issue within 30 days of order in order to qualify for a replacement. After this time frame, we will not replace lost or missing items. Please report lost or missing packages to
Warranty Details: All products come with a replacement warranty for out of the box cosmetic defects and function defects. Does not apply to damage to a product resulting from accident, disaster, unreasonable use, misuse, abuse, negligence, or modification of the product. See below for warranty timeframes. Report issues to
USB Card Swipers: 2 year replacement warranty.
Dejavoo EMV Terminals: 2 year replacement warranty. Dejavoo EMV terminals have been discontinued so they will be replaced with an alternative.
Scriptel Slimline/Magstripes: 30 day replacement for cosmetic defects (one that affects the appearance, but not the function). 3 year replacement warranty for function issues. Magstripes have been discontinued so they will be replaced with an alternative.
uAttend Time Clocks: Lifetime replacement warranty with an active uAttend subscription.
Ingenico Lane3000 and Lane5000 EMV Terminals: 90 day replacement warranty.
Apple Mobile Swipers: 60 day replacement warranty.
Android Mobile Swiper: 60 day replacement warranty. 1 year repair warranty.
Generic “Gift of Health” Gift Cards: Final sale.
Custom Gift Cards: Finale sale. Customers must report, in writing, any alleged product errors, defects, damages within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the product. Failure to report shall constitute a waiver by customer of any claim or right against Plastic Resource related to the product. In the event the manufacturer concludes there has been a production error or damages, the manufacturer will remedy the error or reproduce the product. No refunds.
Wellness Score Marketing Materials: Finale Sale. Replacement warranty for damages within 30 days of purchase.
CP Mobile Gateway Access: In the event you cancel your CP Mobile Gateway (for Android and Apple devices), there will be a $25 fee each time reactivate the gateway.

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