CP Online Forms

Capture leads, collect fees and make sales online

The CP Online Forms can be customized and used to create lead and landing pages, online fee collection forms and sales pages. Easily embed countdown timers to increase conversions.

Capture Leads

Use CP Online Forms™ as a Landing Page to capture leads. Assigns a Drip-Ed™ Email Campaign automatically.

Collect Fees

The CP Online Forms™ can be set up to collect a fee or sell a subscription with a recurring payment from the Auto-Debit System.

Make Sales

Need a Check Out form for selling items? CP Online Forms™ can totally do that using the Auto-Debit System!


Capturing leads to increase new clients.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Landing Page for Lead Generation Marketing

Lead pages
Create custom branded Landing Pages for capturing leads online. Easily create a Facebook Fan Page or simply place the lead page on your web site.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Custom Input Fields

Collect custom data
Create all kinds of form inputs including text entry, radio buttons, checkboxes and drop-down selectors. All data collected is then stored in the client record for retrieval and can be inserted in Drip-Ed™ Email campaigns using the mail merge variables.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Assign Autoresponder Email Campaigns

Automatically assign marketing campaigns
Use the integrated Drip-Education System as your autoresponder. Leads can automatically be sent an email campaign with links to download ebooks or whatever you want. Its an all-in-one online marketing system.

Secure Online Payment Forms

Easily collect fees for products and services.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Online Bill Pay

Collecting fees online
Using CP Online Forms with our integrated Auto-Debit System is your all-in-one online payment portal. Place a link to your online payment portal on your website thus giving your patients an easy way to make a payment. Or send them the link via email asking them to complete their payment online.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Sell Products Online - Shopping Cart

Sell products & subscriptions online
Set up a CP Online Form to sell a product. The advantage of using this type of CP Online Form™ is the customer is not distracted by other products, like a traditional shopping cart that often offers many products to choose from. The customer simply selects the quantity and pays. Turn the product into a subscription by making the payment recurring with our integrated Auto-Debit System.

Track CP Online Form Performance

Watch how well your online forms perform.

Easily track where your forms perform best and who’s filling them out.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Track Where Your Landing Pages Are Clicked

CP form placement tracking
Once you create your form, you can add a Form ID to it’s URL to identify that link. For example, you may place a link to your CP Online Form™ on Facebook, on your web site and in a email campaign. Using a different Form ID in each of those links will allow you to know where the link was clicked.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Link Tracker Stats

Link Tracker™
With the click of a button, simply create a Link Tracker that automatically redirects to the URL of the CP Online Form™. By doing so, you will get all the stats the Link Tracker keeps, such as Links Clicked, Lead Conversions, Lead Click Rate, Sales Conversions, Sales Click Rate, Gross Link Revenue, Revenue Per Click, IP Address of Click, Source of Click and more.

Personalize your forms

Change your forms to match your needs.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Customize the look and feel of your forms

Brand your CP Online Forms
You can easily customize how your forms look. From the colors, to the graphics used in headers and footers. Embed images and links as well. Your imagination is your only limit.

Cash Practice Lead Pages - Create Urgency with a Countdown Timer

Take-action-now urgency with countdown timers
Increase sales and motivate leads to fill out your Landing Pages by setting a time limit. Simply indicate when you want the form to expire and brand the timer how you like. Now watch your leads and sales increase.


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