Like So Many Other Chiropractors,
Dr. Felicity Keough Struggled in Practice
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Dr. Felicity Keough Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Felicity Keough: So we’re located in St. Charles which is a suburb of St. Louis. This is where I was born and raised and this is my home. My grandparents were the third chiropractors to open up their practice in the city of St. Charles. If we were ever sick we would pile in my dad’s van and we would go down the street to grandpas and we would all get our chiropractic adjustments. As an early teen, I actually started to develop some health problems.

I started my menstrual cycle when I was thirteen-years-old. It was incredibly painful. I was missing out on school, it was affecting my grades, and it was affecting my ability to play sports and time with friends. It was around the time I was eighteen nineteen, I was introduced to a chiropractor who specialized in women’s health. I had been around chiropractic my whole life, but I had never heard of somebody specializing in women’s health.

So I was intrigued and went to see him and he essentially gave me a complete overhaul with my health. That’s really when I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up I wanted to be to be able to help families and help people heal their body naturally. So what it was like before Cash Practice it was extremely challenging because being an office that accepts insurance, we had no way of calculating patient’s care properly. We didn’t have a really good way of collecting this money for the services we were rendering.

Carol Millard: We spent a lot of time, we took the initial information, compiled it all together, it took quite a long time. Then to present it to patients was somewhat difficult because we had that total number but nothing to explain.

Dr. Felicity Keough: I would have to refund patients all the time and the frustration that happened over years and years of doing this. It caused me to have high staff turnover, it caused me to lose patients. I felt like I was really good at being a chiropractor but I was horrible at being a business owner.

Carol Millard: And the doctors and I happened to sit down and watch a video just on care plans. The doctors focused on the patient care aspect of It. I was focused on the financial aspect of it. After we had sat down for the webinar, I went and I did a demo that afternoon and loved everything it had to offer and presented that to Dr. Keough, right away she loved what they had to say and we tried it out.

Dr. Felicity Keough: Now after using Cash Practice I can honestly say that life is so much easier. We have, I have happier staff which is really, really key.

Ashleigh Rodriguez: I’m able to focus mainly on making sure the office runs efficiently. With Cash Practice it makes my job 100% easier I really couldn’t imagine not using it.

Dr. Felicity Keough: I have happier patients which are really what it’s all about too. We haven’t refunded a single patient which is huge for us.

Carol Millard: And now we take that same information we started with, it quickly goes into the Cash Practice System and then gives me not only the totals but a very descriptive report that’s easy to explain to patients.

Dr. Felicity Keough: We have a 97% care plan acceptance rate, our PVA has doubled. It literally was 20 now it’s at 40.

Carol Millard: And then when they’re ready to do a payment plan, we just sit down and at a click of a button, we have them set up an auto debit and the rest is history. Dr. Keough and I actually spent some time at the hands-on training event that was here in St. Louis. And Dr. Bodzin and Holly were here and they were both amazing and answered all of our questions and went through anything that we needed help with and it was great.

Dr. Felicity Keough: Anytime I put a call in or an email I get a response back within a day. Cash Practice customer service is tremendous. I would highly recommend using Cash Practice Systems especially if you’re like me and you were struggling with you know sleepless nights and the stress of everything.

Carol Millard: It’s helped increase our PVA, our dollar visit average; it’s increased our care plan acceptance tremendously.

Dr. Felicity Keough: It just makes so much sense, it’s a no-brainer. I would highly recommend using Cash Practice Systems.

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