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Dr. Marc Gottlieb Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: Here at Life Within Chiropractic our philosophy is to touch as many lives and save as many lives as we possibly can. We see children as young as 1 day old, our oldest client we have her served in our office was over 104 years of age. We teach our practice members that chiropractic is really a lifestyle and that’s something that we do to maintain a certain level of health, not just correct symptoms.

Taryn Woltjer: When they get adjusted, it’s not just physical, it’s also mental. So it’s my job at the front desk to really make everything about what works in this office easy for them. They shouldn’t have to worry about their money, time, just their health. For a long time, it was really difficult. We worked so by hand that things would get lost. We’d miss out on things, we’d lose stuff and it would take hours, hours of research.

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: We serve over 200 people a day in our office, anywhere from 650 to 700 practice members weekly. We’ve been in practice here for 15 years and continue to serve a high number of people on an ongoing basis.

Taryn Woltjer: And trying to remember everything from their appointments to when their monthly was due, making sure they got the right amount of visits. And the problem with that is when it’s done on a paper status you lose money and you get frustrated or you don’t write down the payment for instance on the travel card that they actually paid so you’re asking them again in a week. And they start thinking about their money and they start thinking we’re incompetent, we don’t really care about them, and we don’t want them to have the best experience and people will stop care.

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: For me being in the adjusting room, the most important thing is to be able to be present and focused on serving the person that’s right in front of me and not having to wonder as a doctor, and as a business owner, are things being handled with their visits, with their finances? With their care plans the proper way?

Taryn Woltjer: I have so many reports, I love stats, I’m the stats girl here and a business grows by what you pay attention to. And Cash Practice allowed me to pay attention to my stats. I knew what was going on with everyone’s account, I knew when they were due, I was able to research, and I could see where we were growing and where we needed to fix things. I could even switch things around which is huge. It is really difficult to stay on top of payments, not with Cash Practice, especially with auto debit. I could set dates; I can change things around and do it like that. I’ve always said you connect to collect.

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: What Cash Practice has allowed me to do is to be more present with my practice members. It’s allowed us to retain people longer by having them on the proper care plans, and we know as doctors that the less time we have to ask for money, and the less time we have to present a financial situation to a practice member, the greater likelihood that they’re going to stay under care.

Taryn Woltjer: When people came in, it would be an easy swipe with a credit card and it would post to their account. I know that sounds simple, but that’s huge, you can’t miss a payment that way.

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: The Auto-Debit System, the plans and everything that Cash Practice has to offer allows our office to function much more smoothly, serve a higher volume of people, and it is essentially like having another CA in your office. It’s also allowed our CAs to be more focused on the day to day interactions with our practice members, to create the atmosphere that we’re looking for in our office.

Taryn Woltjer: I could go to customer service and not only am I answered within a few minutes of being put on hold, all my questions get answered. They purposely want to help you because they know it will help our practice members and I love that kind of family style company because that’s what we are here. We’re a small group and we love our practice members.

Dr. Marc Gottlieb: Yes, I would absolutely recommend using Cash Practice.

Taryn Woltjer: The program itself is great and the people are great and I wouldn’t any else because, like I said before, you’ve got to connect to collect.

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