Beyond the Tap: Why Recurring Payments and Cards on File are Your Business’ Secret Weapon

Posted on June 19, 2024 by Holly Jensen

We all know the convenience of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. It’s a quick tap for your customers, and they’re done. But for your business, those one-time transactions might be a fleeting victory. At Cash Practice Systems, we’re all about helping businesses thrive, which means building a foundation for long-term success.

“Our CP Mobile reader and EMV terminals accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for convenient one-time payments. While these methods are nice, best practices for increased collections should include storing cards on file, which allows for automated payments. This streamlines future visits and ensures uninterrupted care and collections even if the patient forgets their card or can’t make an in-person payment.


Here’s why recurring payments and cards on file are the secret weapons you’ve been missing:

From Transaction to Transformation: The Power of Recurring Revenue

Imagine your business income as a rollercoaster: one day sky-high, the next plummeting. That’s the reality with one-time payments. Recurring billing, on the other hand, is like a smooth escalator, steadily taking your business to new heights. With recurring payments, customers are automatically charged at set intervals, creating predictable revenue and allowing you to:

  • Forecast Like a Pro: Knowing your income stream with near-certainty lets you plan strategically. Invest in growth, manage staffing, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: A Gift That Keeps on Giving Recurring payments foster loyalty. By providing ongoing value, you create customers who contribute more over time. This lets you focus on keeping them happy rather than constantly chasing new sales. Happy customers become brand advocates, attracting even more business.

Cards on File: Convenience Meets Continuity

While Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are convenient, they don’t build lasting relationships. Cards on File offer the best of both worlds:

  • Frictionless Transactions: Customers don’t need to re-enter card details every time, keeping the buying process smooth.
  • Stop Chasing Down Money: No more wasting time chasing down a missed payment. Cards on file remove that hurdle, leading to increased collections.
  • Streamlined Operations: No more manually collecting payments translates to less time wasted and more time focusing on what matters: growing your business.

The Future is Automated: Streamline and Scale

You free up valuable time and resources by automating recurring payments and card-on-file transactions. This allows you to:

  • Focus on Your Customers: Spend more time providing excellent service and building relationships – the cornerstones of any successful business.
  • Scale with Ease: As your business grows, automated payments ensure a smooth flow of income without the need to constantly track down individual transactions.

The Choice is Clear: Stability and Growth

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have their place, but recurring payments and cards on file are the way to go for building a sustainable, profitable business. They create predictable income, foster customer loyalty, and streamline operations, setting you on the path to long-term success.

At Cash Practice Systems, we’re here to help you implement these powerful tools. Let’s discuss how we can take your business from one-time transactions to a recurring revenue powerhouse! Click here to book a call with us to learn more!

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Holly Jensen, the esteemed Chief Operations Officer of Cash Practice Systems, oversees a pioneering platform highly regarded in the chiropractic community for its unparalleled ability to boost revenue and retention rates. At its core are innovative tools like The Wellness Score, Care Plan Calculator, Auto-Debit, and Drip-Education Systems, meticulously crafted to aid doctors in enhancing patient retention and revenue. With unwavering commitment, Holly has been instrumental in solidifying Cash Practice Systems as the premier choice for chiropractors seeking practice optimization. Prior to her COO role, Holly collaborated with Dr. Miles Bodzin, CEO of Cash Practice Systems, in leading a highly successful wellness practice in San Diego, showcasing dedication to patient care. Together, they've dedicated over two decades to advancing chiropractic care, inspiring practitioners worldwide. Explore for transformative tools.

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