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Dr. Mary Grace-Pennella Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Mary Grace-Pennella: We’re here in Indianapolis, the home of the Indy 500, the ultimate in subluxation creation. So, you know people often ask me how I got into chiropractic, and this wasn’t my first career. I actually was in retail, I worked for Lord and Taylor, I then worked for Evan Picone and then I got hired away to come work here at L.S. Ayres in Indianapolis. People who know Indianapolis know that L.S. Ayres was an icon in town. I moved with them to a famous bar in St. Louis and finally the knot was freed and I was going to slip off into the abandoned and I refused to go there.

So I jumped off the bus and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life and I had the blessing and privilege to be able to rethink things and go back to school and become a chiropractor. And literally from the moment I walked into Palmer’s door, I had a peace settle within me that says, “I’m right where I’m supposed to be, this is what I’m supposed to do.” So a quick visit to my office and you know that there are angels all around us.

Every angel that you see in this office is a gift from someone, from a patient who found happiness, well I don’t know if they found happiness, but they certainly found relief and they found what they were looking for. And in my head that’s what happens, an angel comes into your life and helps you find what you’re looking for. Cash Practice, I love Cash Practice. I’ve been with them so long I almost don’t remember what life was like before, wait yes I do and it wasn’t pleasant.

I finally decided, ok I’m going to take credit cards, woo hoo we moved into that century. We had this machine that looked like a Texas instrument calculator on steroids. At first, it was like, great this works, you know you’re paying out the wazoo for it and whatever. But you know the first time it broke there was no service there was like, I didn’t know who to call because the person was no longer in business, he was no longer my rep, and he was no longer this, what have you?

Sarah Bricker: During our financial report of findings with our patients, individuals and families alike are so grateful for the convenience as well as the affordability the Cash Practice Payment Plans offer them because they finally have the freedom and flexibility to get the healthcare that they need and deserve.

Caitlin Quinto: Once Dr. P presents them with a cash plan they bring it back to my desk; I enter all their information into the Auto-Debit System. And 1 2 3, 5 minutes later they’re set up for the duration of their care.

Dr. Mary Grace-Pennella: It’s really simple, and patients love the fact that anything you can do to make their lives simple, lowers their stress. I can pick however many visits I think a patient needs, I can put in services they might need or take them out, and bottom line is it spits out this program that allows a patient to choose, do I want to run my credit card every time I walk in the door and get stopped. I mean I have patients who are busy, they want to come and go as quick as they can. They schedule their appointments in advance so that they don’t have to stop at the front desk and do all of that stuff. So having Cash Plans makes their lives much simpler.

Nicole Dunham: We have a pretty hectic life, pretty busy, so to just be able to pay upfront and then not have to worry about how many times we come, or how much it’s going to cost, it’s already paid for and just make our next appointment and it’s all good.

Clark Rulon: So, what’s really worked well for us with Dr. P and her office is the way you just pay for that in a plan. So we’re not paying for that per visit basis.

Dr. Mary Grace-Pennella: Well let me tell you about the customer service that comes from Cash Practice. Those people are so incredibly trained. It gives me a new bar to reach for when I train my staff. Every time I call in they are pleasant, every time I call in they have the answer and if they don’t have the answer instantaneously, they call me back within an hour, they’re amazing. This system paid for itself inside of the first month. I would recommend wholeheartedly using Cash Practice no matter the size of your office. Yeah, it’s the best.

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