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Time for an upgrade. Experience the Care Plan Calculator integrating ChiroHealthUSA as part of the equation for building customized, compliant care plans.

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Easily build custom care plans. Simple to learn. Simple to implement. Backed by a team of experts to support you.

Compliant Discounts

Automatically calculates compliant discounts. It’s the one and only tool integrating ChiroHealthUSA for building compliant care plan agreements.

Patient Loyalty

Care plans not only increase patient retention and loyalty but result in higher cash collections and profitability.

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Payment plan template software that’s easy to use.

More families with enroll in care when offered affordable payment plan agreements with the Care Plan Calculator - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems
Schedule recurring credit card payments for your affordable payment plan agreements with the Care Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems

Increase Enrollments & Retention

Enroll patients into care plan auto-debits.

The Care Plan Auto-Debit Scheduler is your one-stop shop for enrolling patients into care. In one simple to use tool, you will be able to charge your client’s down payment, schedule their recurring auto-debit, produce & print their compliant care plan, and assign an email campaign to complete the enrollment process.

Care Plan Estimator

Create affordable payment plan agreements for
cash and insurance in a snap.

Estimate insurance benefits for your affordable payment plan agreements with the Insurance Visit Estimator - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems

Care Plan Calculator is the Original Care Plan Creator The Care Plan Calculator creates a customized, 100% compliant, affordable payment plan template. It lets you build a custom contract listing the services your client will be purchasing from you and calculates the total fees along with affordable payment options.

Increase enrollments & retention

Affordable payment plan agreements are
where practice growth begins.

Ensure your are making a profit on your affordable payment plan agreements with the Target Collection Calculator - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems
Quickly determine your profit margins In order to stay profitable while using the Care Plan Calculator System, you need to determine your Target Collection Level (TLC), or the amount of money you should be collecting on average per visit for a plan. The Target Collection Calculator™ is a tool provided to you in order to help you calculate your Target Collection Level.
Affordable payment plan templates can include insurance benefits - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems
Easily apply insurance to plans The Insurance Visit Estimator is a tool used in determining how to apply insurance benefits to a plan. This will be useful when the insurance company does not tell you how many visits are covered, but only provides you with the dollar amount they’ll pay. This is also helpful when calculating the insurance benefits and what the patient’s cash responsibility will be, making your care affordable and the plan easy to understand.


An affordable payment plan agreement
designed to meet your patient’s needs.

Visit Allocation for ChiroHealthUSA Integration

Accurately estimate capped fees for your
affordable payment plan agreements.

ChiroHealthUSA is integrated into the affordable payment plan agreements using the Care Plan Calculator Visit Allocation - Cash Practice Systems

Visit Allocation is a feature that allows you to designate what services are provided in combination, ensuring your plans are accurately estimated when using a capped fee with your ChiroHealthUSA agreements.

Compliant affordable payment plan agreements with ChiroHealthUSA - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems


We take compliance seriously, so you can relax.

Compliant care plans When it comes to discounting your services and creating affordable care plans, you must be aware that there are rules from Licensing Boards, State Laws, Federal Laws and Federal Agencies that will affect you. According to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), a 15% discount for non-covered services is the largest prompt-pay discount you can give. This OIG ruling trumps all other rules regarding discounts. Integrates with ChiroHealthUSA The Care Plan Calculator integrates with ChiroHealthUSA (CHUSA), providing peace of mind if you want to legally provide discounts greater than the OIG limit of 15%. CHUSA is a discount medical plan organization, which eliminates any concern about which discounts are legal, and how much is considered a “reasonable” discount by regulators. Collect what you’re owed Our care plans have been reviewed by departments of insurance, attorneys and compliance experts. They’ve been relied upon in court to successfully collect from patients as well if a patient issues a chargeback from their credit card issuer. Over 1 million patients have been successfully placed on these plans.

Care Plans Your Clients Easily Say “Yes” To

The Care Plan Calculator is the #1 Payment Plan Creator
for professional cash & insurance blended care plans.

Affordable payment plan templates can be customized - Care Plan Calculator - Cash Practice Systems


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