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Dr. Matt Hubard Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Matt Hubbard: Chiropractic has definitely had a huge impact on my life. I was always fascinated by the body and athletes and training and I always thought I was going to grow up to be something in sports, sports agent, maybe a sports doctor. I had raced karts my entire life, go-karting my entire life and I always thought man if I’m not going to be in sports, I’m going to be a go-kart racer, and then I’m going to go race NASCAR, Formula 1, whatever it fits, I love speed, I love nice cars.

As I got older I got better at racing, but I’m in college. So I was racing part time and college part time and I had to make a decision am I going to be a pro racecar driver? Or am I going to be a chiropractor? And when I went chiropractic school and I sat in that first class, in that first week, in that first semester, I realized right then I’m called to be a chiropractor. And I had to give away a dream of being a racecar driver. I still like fast cars by the way, but I realized chiropractic is so much more important.

My purpose and my life mission became how many other people can I help? So in 2004, I started my own practice, and as I started to grow, I decided I need to get involved at another level, in leadership, I started a group called Core, we come together, bring in speakers, and I realized I can help my profession at a greater level. So fast forward, started getting involved locally, it led to a state level and then in 2012 I became the CCA president of the California Chiropractic Association where I got to see behind the curtain. How do we change policy? How do we get involved in healthcare? How can we be a greater influence? I realized it’s such a bigger game then just me and an office.

So I had to learn a couple things. How do I even become a better chiropractor? I had to become a better chiropractor through better procedures, hiring an incredible team, training, putting the right chiropractors in place, and I realized that procedures and systems are what will make you a next level chiropractor and be able to share your message with more and more people.

Katrina Casey: So before Cash Practice, it was stressful, to say the least. When it came to auto debit day it was a lot of time and energy that we would have to spend going through every single person’s account, running credit cards, posting the payments, logging them, double checking everything. So it just seemed like we would spend hours doing that and didn’t really didn’t get to focus on what we wanted to.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: I had headache, after headache, after headache knowing that my books weren’t balancing, that I was losing money, that sometimes stuff forgets to get running, credit cards would get denied. We didn’t know how to go back and process them again because we were so busy serving people that I was wondering where all my money was going. Cash Practice solved a buncha problems for me. 1, my leaky bucket syndrome went away, my balance sheet got tightened up, and it saved more than 8 hours twice a month on the payroll for different employees. I could have gone down to one employee and ran an office at high volume, but it allowed me to keep two employees and keep growing and expanding my business and serving people.

Katrina Casey: So when we finally incorporated Cash Practice into the office, it was incredible. We saved time, we saved money because now we were not spending hours focusing just on payments, but we were able to get other tasks done in the office and it’s really just been effortless.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: The minute I found Cash Practice and it became automated, updated to my software and everything balanced every single time. Can I tell you what headaches were resolved in my life?

Katrina Casey: When you’re in a high volume practice, you’ve got to have systems set in place to allow you to serve and not focus on some of those small details and that’s really what Cash Practice has allowed us to do is really just focus on serving our patients and the payments really just take care of themselves.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: I never want to go back to the way I was doing it. I can tell you when it comes to profitability if you don’t have systems; you’re going to be broke.

Amanda: Thank you so much for calling in today, I’m so glad we got that resolved. You have yourself a great day.

Dr. Dan Fleming: You know, unless you have a great mentor, it’s really you in the trenches learning it yourself. And for a new chiropractor, Cash Practice offers great tutorials that really walk you through step by step and learning systems of running an office. It certainly helps as far as managing up the back office activities, making it really easy on a day to day basis.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: I can highly recommend Cash Practice, not only for success in business, for a better bottom line, but also happy CAs.

Dr. Dan Fleming: For any new doc coming out or any doc practicing now, I would definitely recommend using Cash Practice.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: Am I happy with Cash Practice? You bet your sweet *whistle* I am.

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