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THE CALLING – A True Story

This inspiring short film follows Dr. Miles Bodzin on his journey to becoming a successful cash-based chiropractor. The story includes several philosophical and ethical business practices as Dr. Bodzin faces obstacles along the way. Doctors & their teams will see real-world challenges and how ethical solutions can be applied to get better clinical results and increased patient retention for the people they serve.  Along the way, he creates a web-based platform that impacts thousands of doctors and patients!

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I love films based on real events, and this film was very well done. Dr. Bodzin is a great example for anyone moving forward in life, but the number of people supporting him was even more inspiring. His wife, parents, and his office manager right-hand woman are ideal templates for the kind of people any successful person needs. Enjoy this delightful movie.

Thomas J. Witwer

Determination…perseverance…hope…courage. These are the feelings I had while watching “The Calling – A True Story”. A look at what it means to listen to who you are supposed to be in life and the reality that things don’t always happen as you planned.

Margaret Smith

Inspiring story. To understand that many people besides ourselves go through struggles and come out the other side is a story that needs to be told in this day and age. I’ll watch it again.

Dr Shane Ott

This is something different for sure! Really cool to see the story that led to this system that has helped so many patients worldwide! Thank you for taking the time to share the story and, through such an awesome method of delivery, creating a movie! Love it!!!

Todd Steven

This movie is very inspirational! Whether you are struggling to find your path in life, putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your own business, or have succeeded and can relate to the struggle of the climb, you will be able to relate to this film. It definitely has a lot of humor to keep it light as well!


This is a much-needed reminder that hard work, determination, kindness, generosity, vision, and following your dream, I mean ‘Calling’ can lead to amazing personal satisfaction, contribution, and tremendous financial success. Great job, Dr. Bodzin, and your fantastic team!!!

Jason D

Very inspirational story of finding your calling and doing a “stop, change, start” midway through. It’s never too late. When you fail, it’s OK to pick yourself up and start again. And with the right mindset, amazing things can happen. A must-see for anyone questioning their path who needs a nudge to “go for it” and go all in toward a new end result.


What a wonderful and inspiring movie! I love hearing a great success story! This film reminded me to always trust the journey. It was so cool to see how all of Dr. Miles’ experiences prepared him for the future of Cash Practice. This is a great watch for aspiring entrepreneurs and just a feel-good story!


I thought this was such a neat video with an interesting success story of a local San Diegan. It’s about the length of an episode on T.V. and features lots of little bits about the industry this character lives in. The acting is great, and the story is engaging!

Erika Heimendinger

Excellent movie with an amazing message. Congrats to Dr. Bodzin, Mechelle, & Holly Jensen. They’ve worked hard to make chiropractic accessible for people everywhere & their story is incredibly inspiring.

Samantha C

What an amazing movie. This is the movie for anyone who feels trapped in a job and feels called to another career. It’s never too late to follow your dreams or to answer your calling. Great story and very well done.


This is a very well-produced autobiographical film, and it’s family-friendly with a nice touch of humor. Very well executed!


I’ve been a follower and fan of Cash Practice & Dr. Bodzin’s story for years, and this film did a wonderful job capturing the exciting and powerful moments in his story. It makes you wonder just what you can accomplish with an idea and some follow-through.

It’s a good overview of how he started from scratch and created a whole system to improve a 100-plus-year-old business, showing his downfalls and determination. It was a big plus to see the original employees still there; that says a lot about Dr. Miles. It shows he has an amazing way of doing business, he appreciates his employees, and his employees believe in him.


This film is a refreshing departure from the negativity that plagues our society. The calling shares the toil, fear, and uneasy feelings that come with following your dreams. A great opportunity to sit with the family and discuss values, dreams, and the power of love!

Sherry D

This movie is a beautiful story of believing in yourself and trusting enough that you have something to give to the world to not give up on following that calling. I thoroughly enjoyed this film!


I loved it because so many people are not living their life. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging and inspiring so many of us.

Adanech Begashaw

I have known Dr. Miles Bodzin since the early ’90s. He was my Chiropractor and Friend! I remember they had Care Plans to fit our needs and were exactly what we needed and wanted.

Vienna Kaiser

Relatable, inspiring, and motivating to find your true passion and “calling” in life. Great to see a movie about a real story of someone realizing their passion in life, struggling to achieve their goals, and then totally succeeding in that dream/passion. Great movie!


I loved this movie. It was very inspirational. Being a Chiropractor myself for over 25 years, I can still remember when I had some of these same questions and struggles during my beginning years. I hope this movie can inspire people to follow their dreams and find their purpose in life. Thanks for sharing your life story with us, Miles!!!!!!!!

Victoria A Sachs

Funny and inspiring! This movie should be watched by any tech startup companies and founders who know the battle of building something.


Such a touching and inspiring movie! So many people go through life trying to figure out their purpose… then go through trials and tribulations only to second guess the direction they choose. Too few follow through the tough times, reinvent themselves, and have the opportunity to help so many! I’m a fan!!!

This movie did an amazing job of combining personal trials and triumphs with business acumen.


This movie reminded me that no matter what, ALWAYS follow your heart. An original movie that is inspiring, powerful, and comical. I absolutely LOVED it!!!


This movie made me laugh and cry and filled my heart with inspiration and joy. Such a powerful movie that shows real everyday life struggles and how perseverance and support can help get you through the hard times – don’t give up on your dreams!


The film was captivating and inspiring from the casting to the storyline. Truly spectacular.

Alexis Lignos

A striking story about taking chances and silver linings that restore the soul with a sense of hope, adventure, courage, and most of all, love. Masterful storytelling wrapped up in cinematic excellence — “The Calling – A True Story”.

Jason Yoo

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Josh Marble
Josh Marble
as Miles Bodzin
Belle Adams
Belle Adams
as Mechelle Bodzin
Karenssa Lagear
Karenssa Lagear
as Holly Jensen
Suzana Norberg
Suzana Norberg
as Dianne Bodzin
Lou Slocum
Lou Slocum
as Charles Bodzin
Marco Kengott
Marco Kengott
as Shawn Miller
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