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Dr. Todd Pickman Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Todd Pickman: Second-grade playing kickball, I slid into third base and another one of the kids fell on my head. The next day I woke up and I could not move. My parents did what they knew to try and help me, and they called my mom’s orthopedic surgeon, and he gave me painkillers and muscle relaxers. My pain went away and we didn’t think anything of it. This was essentially how I grew up. So I’m thinking here I am a young kid growing up and I’m damaged goods.

Fast forward to when I was seventeen years old, and fortunately, there was someone who I knew from the gym a personal trainer who came up to me and said, “Todd, I can see that you’ve been suffering in dealing with this thing, you need to go see my chiropractor.” So I go in and I see this chiropractor and he shows me that in my neck instead of having a good healthy curve that goes forward, it was going the wrong way.

He explained how that’s impacting my health and that this is why I’ve had this problem since I was in second grade. The next part that happened is where the true miracle really occurred where he adjusted an area of my upper back, it felt like someone pulled an ice pick out of my spine and at that very moment I felt like everything I had suffered with for the last ten years was instantly gone.

That was the moment that I knew this was my calling. This is what I now needed to dedicate my life to. To take the time to tell others about this gift and this miracle called chiropractic.

Before Cash Practice, you would have your email autoresponder database system. You would have different patient education tools on how to explain what everything means, and then you also have another system you’d have to keep track of to set up payment plans or auto debit or things like that. Prior to using Cash Practice as far as figuring out a patient’s care plan, that was something that we had refined and refined making excel spreadsheets and really spending literally hundreds of hours refining excel spreadsheets to be able to present a care plan to a patient.

I remember when I was introduced to Cash Practice and I saw how easy it was to punch things in. I was happy about it, but I was also a little frustrated that I had invested so much of my own time doing something that couldn’t compare to the platform that Cash Practice had offered.

Brittany McQuilken: Cash Practice has been a fantastic system for simplifying our processes here at the clinic. It is great for our patients because they can set up a payment plan that works for them and they don’t have to worry about stopping to make a payment at the front desk.

Dr. Todd Pickman: Something that I love Cash Practice is The Wellness Score. That’s where we transformed our practice because how it’s used is we take all the measurements that we would normally on the first or second day that we’re seeing a patient and we can easily plug it in and then it pops out a grading system that people understand on an A to an F system, everyone understands that. It even breaks it down so you can separate out different components of someone’s health and showing that to a patient and being able to explain that to them, I found that’s where they get it the most.

Brittany McQuilken: We put on many events, sometimes twice a month where we provide dinner to the community and talk about health and wellness and chiropractic care. When we do that we offer discounted services and we love to get deposits from patients. Cash Practice Mobile has given us the option to do that on the go. We use a card slider and our clinic and our clinic phone to take a deposit. That gains their commitment for their appointment because when you pay the money, you’re probably going to show up.

Dr. Todd Pickman: We started using Cash Practice probably about a year in a half ago and I can tell you that our secure monthly auto debits have gone up at least 50% and overall our compliance with people choosing one of the options in our care plan has also gone up probably at least a quarter at least 25% just because of the very clean looking presentation of how a care plan is actually printed out and presented to a patient.

I would definitely recommend Cash Practice to any of my chiropractic friends, I actually have recommended to all my friends I went to chiropractic school with. And the reason is that it’s just easy, it’s super affordable. Really having all of this together in one place is honestly a no-brainer.

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