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Dr. Michelle Wozniak: I noticed that my PVA went from twelve or fifteen visits and now it’s around fifty. Not only did our PVA go up but our cash collections went up, 60% is an astronomical number.

Dr. Todd Pickman: We started using Cash Practice probably about a year and a half ago. I can tell you that our secure monthly auto-debits have gone up at least 50%. People choosing one of the options in our care plan has also gone up probably at least a quarter, at least 25% just because of the very clean looking presentation of how a care plan is actually printed out and presented to a patient.

Dr. Jason Day: And patients appreciate that which has led to exponentially higher conversion rates; we’re over ninety percent. Our PVA has gone from less than 10 up to 70. It’s made my life so much easier and it’s made my practice a lot more profitable.

Dr. Felicity Keough: We have a ninety-seven percent care plan acceptance rate. Our PVA has doubled, it literally was 20 and now it’s at 40.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: Cash Practice solved a bunch of problems for me. One; my leaky bucket syndrome went away, my balance sheet got tightened up, it saved more than eight hours twice a month on the payroll for two different employees. I could’ve gone down to one employee and ran an office at high volume, but it allowed me to keep two employees and keep growing and expanding my business and serving people.

Dr. Michelle Wozniak: They have four main pillars to their systems; The Wellness Score, the Cash Plan Calculator, the Auto-Debit System, and the Drip-Education System. And all four of those have supported every aspect of my practice.

Dr. Todd Pickman: Something that I love about Cash Practice is The Wellness Score. That’s where we transformed our practice. Because how it’s used is we take all the measurements that we would normally on the first or second day that we’re seeing a patient and we can easily plug in and then it pops out a grading system that people understand on an A to an F system, everyone understands that. And it even breaks down so you can separate out different components of someone’s health. And showing that to a patient and being able to explain that to them, I found that that’s where they get it the most.

Dr. Mary Grace Pennella: It’s really simple. I can pick however many visits I think a patient needs. I can put in ancillary services they might need or take them out. And the bottom line is it spits out this program that allows the patient to choose: Ok do I want to run my credit card every time I walk in the door and get stopped? So having cash plans makes their lives much simpler.

Dr. Jason Day: Before Cash Practice we gave individual plans, there was no such thing as a family plan. But with the clear blueprint that Cash Practice provides, it’s a plug and play type of system. An individual can look for a plan for themselves or also see what it would take to get their kids under care. With that plan up in place, there’s no guesswork.

Carol Millard: And then when they’re ready to do a payment plan, we just sit down and at a click of a button, we have them set up in auto-debit and the rest is history.

Dr. Allysa Holum: Using the Drip-Education System has really simplified the process of sending out a mass blast, for example, an event. We’re really able to reach all of the patients and it’s simplified the whole process for the doctor and the patient. That wouldn’t be able to be done I don’t think without Cash Practice.

Dr. Todd Pickman: I remember when I was introduced to Cash Practice and I saw how easy it was to punch things in. I was happy about it but I was also a little frustrated that I had invested so much of my own time on doing something that couldn’t compare to the platform that Cash Practice had offered.

Kathy Mills-Chang: More and more practices are moving toward what we call freedom from insurance and moving toward more of a cash-based practice. I would not want to be in practice trying to do that without the benefit of a system like the Cash Practice System.

Dr. Michelle Wozniak: I was looking for a system like Cash Practice before I even knew it existed. It’s kind of like that old saying, I knew I loved you before I even met you and that’s how I felt.

Dr. Jason Day: It’s been one of the absolute best decisions I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur and as a chiropractor.

Dr. Mary Grace Pennella: I would recommend wholeheartedly using Cash Practice no matter the size of your office.

Dr. Howard Short: Anyone can use it, why everyone doesn’t use it? I don’t know.

Dr. Felicity Keough: Now after using Cash Practice I can honestly say that life is so much easier.

Kathy Mills Chang: It’s just an amazing program.

Dr. Matt Hubbard: Am I happy with Cash Practice? You bet your sweet *whistle* I am.

Dr. Howard Short: It may be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Dr. Mary Grace Pennella: Yeah, it’s the best.

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