Loyal Patients are built upon four key principles, we refer to as “The Four F’s”. Cash Practice Systems helps you apply them during the Loyal Patient Journey™ to skyrocket your retention and revenue.

The Four F’s of Patient Loyalty


Loyal Patients need FEEDBACK.

Patients just get it. No need to spend all of that time trying to get them to understand the meaning of your test results. They already know what it means when they get an A versus a D- on a test. There’s an emotional response that drives them towards wanting to get an A. The Wellness Score motivates your patients to both start and stick with your care plan.


Loyal Patients need FORECASTING.

Patients go to you to feel better and then leave when they do. Break the cycle. Make them a part of the plan. The truth is, once patients stop feeling the discomfort that brought them in, they start to consider leaving. Show them a clear path to recovery with a clear set of milestones. Tell them what to expect along the road, including all financial aspects. The odds of patients sticking to their treatment and then moving on to wellness care will grow exponentially. The Care Plan Calculator gives your patients the peace of mind to know what they’re committing to.



The more that people open their wallets, the more they question what they spend their hard-earned money on. So, let’s forget about the wallet. In today’s financial landscape, checks and cash are no longer kings, but ACH and auto-debits are. Once people get used to their expenses being automatically deducted from their checking account or charged to their credit cards, this becomes a part of their everyday reality. The risk of “buyer’s remorse” is virtually eliminated. At that point, you stop chasing dollars and start enjoying the fruits of your work. The Auto-Debit System automatically collects credit card and ACH payments for one-time and recurring payments.


Loyal Patients need FREQUENT CONTACT.

If you stay at the top of their mind, they’ll keep coming back. If you don’t, they’ll forget you. Break the “constantly-looking-for-new-patients” curse. Building patient loyalty is an art form. You need to get good at it in order to achieve the financial freedom that comes with it. A key way to sustain loyalty is to keep in contact with your patients. Send email campaigns that generate interest and appointments. Automate your wellness narrative and reach out to all audiences. Jump into the 21st century’s way of growing a solid business. The Drip-Education Email Marketing System will consistently educate and market to your patients.

What the F isthe Loyal Patient Journey?

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After being leery to try cash practice, our office was astounded at how easy it was to use and how our patient retention increased. Using the wellness reports were so much better than what we used to do. Patients like getting a health "grade" and want to improve it. I was surprised how easy it was to get patients on the auto-debit system and how much more efficient our office runs when we don't have to discuss money each visit and having a CA basically swiping credit cards all day! I can't recommend Cash Practice enough!!!!

It's an amazing and necessary tool for any chiropractor. Easy to use and implementable. Cash's practice has taken away all the stress of finances and billing and all of that energy and time is given back to loving on our people!

I would recommend this company. They surpassed my expectations. Exceptional customer service, everyone is very helpful! The Auto-Debit system saves us a lot of hassle.

Very well put together a multifaceted system for bolstering insurance independence in our office. The technical support is second to none, with training way more valuable than the little bit we pay each month. Every single time I call, I am greeted by a support person who is not only the kind of friendly and personable I want my staff to be but knows the answers to even the minutest questions.

This platform makes it so easy for patients to stay current with the balances. I love being able to have their credit cards charged on a specific day every month. I love that we have a link on our website for the online payment...so many patients are starting to use that portal! The ease of use is hands down unbeatable! Our patients love it, our team loves it, our bank account loves it!

EVERYTHING about this system and software makes our chiropractic practice flow with education and efficiency!! THANK YOU!

I've been with CashPractice for over nine years. It's great as it is but it's always being improved because the company is dedicated to excellence. It just keeps getting better and better!

I like the ease of using it. I like that it makes so many daily functions just automatic. I work by myself without a CA so I don't have to stop after caring for each patient and run a credit card. I have "retired" from an insurance-based practice seeing over a 100 patients a day with 5 CA's, an associate doctor, and two interns to working by myself without any staff seeing 25 patients a day and a 100% cash practice with NO stress and a 100% more fun! I could not have done that without CASH PRACTICE.

I've used Cash Practice Systems almost from the start of practice, but especially after becoming an Epic Practice. We now use Cash Practice Software for Care Plan creation and run nearly every single part of our collections through it! It's honestly just so well thought out. Constantly getting updated, smarter & better and integrates with ChiroTouch.

Excellent! I am not very tech savvy and this Cash Practice software is so easy to use! I love it! I give Cash Practice my highest review! I am planning on telling all my Chiropractic colleagues! The 1 day Hands on Training Seminar is a must! These ladies ROCK!

Hands down, the absolute best program of its kind. I wanted to have a turnkey system in place that made our financial plans and payment options stress-free and professional. Cash Practice has done that and so much more. Whether you are insurance based or cash, they are the absolute best system and team in place to deliver every single time. Do yourself and your practice members a favor and check them out!

We've been clients of Cash Practice Systems almost since we opened in 2007. It's a great way to offer care plan options and monthly memberships while offering top-notch security (aka peace of mind). They have a great training library and our experience with customer service has always been prompt, personable, and pleasant. I recommend Cash Practice Systems to my colleagues often.

Cash Practice is Awesome. Everyone is accessible and willing to help. The software continues to improve, there's training, tutorials, online academies, and wait for it...ACTUAL LIVE HUMANS in San Diego (as opposed to off-shore pretending to be in the states) that are happy to help. If you're looking for ways to generate income and keep your financial documentation in order call the Cash Practice team!!!!

We LOVE Cash Practice! If you have the chance to work with them, you will find their team to be exceptional. They have the best team in place to help support you with any random needs, or not so random business needs you may have. They have always gone above and beyond to produce exceptional quality support that I find is somewhat lost these days with other businesses. Thank you, CP!

Such a stand-up company! Cash Practice Systems provides so many valuable tools to run a practice much more efficiently. What you get for their products and service is really a bargain! I’m especially amazed at the Cash Practice Customer Service. I've contacted them for various reasons interacting with several different staff members and every single time, I was treated like I was the most important customer!

The Cash Practice team excels at customer service and giving attention to their end users. We have been with them since the beginning and have no reason to think that would change. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their energy is amazing. Shout out to Holly for having an awesome team and being hands-on with the customers as well. She makes it all look easy! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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