Dr. Miles Bodzin and Holly Jensen have been serving the chiropractic profession together for over two decades.

Together, they’ve helped thousands of chiropractors increase conversion, retention, and revenue! Whether a patient has insurance or not, we can all agree, that sticking to care is important. And that’s what Dr. Miles Bodzin and Holly Jensen bring to the table – the expertise in helping doctors solve their #1 frustration – Patients not sticking to care!

So, what’s the big deal with patients not sticking to care?

Patients who drop out early – don’t get better or get the full benefits of chiropractic care.

And doctors get frustrated and burnt out from constantly having to replace the patients they lose.

And how does that affect your association when your doctors are frustrated and looking for answers? Would you rather have a membership filled with frustrated doctors or happy doctors making money? Which group is more likely to pay their dues, have time for leadership roles, and donate to you PACS?

Everyone wins when your doctors really understand how to stop patient drop-out. Patients get better results. Doctors make more money. And your association has a strong membership.

Holly Jensen

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