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Dr. Michelle Wozniak Case Study

Video Transciption

Dr. Michelle Wozniak: 20 years ago my life took a huge turn. I was ready to embark on middle school, really excited, my whole life ahead of me. But then I started waking up with daily headaches. Those headaches ended up turning into migraines. So then we went to a medical doctor and he couldn’t diagnose me. We took an x-ray, he took a CT scan, an MRI came next, then a spinal tap, then we tried Corticosteroid injections, and now we’re onto prescription medication.

And not only is none of this working, I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse. And then somebody recommended that I should try going to see a corrective care chiropractor. His health philosophy was let’s stop trying to cover up the symptoms and start trying to uncover the underlying causes to what’s really going on with you.

Doctor: This upper cervical problem might be what’s causing the migraines you’re dealing with.

Dr. Michelle Wozniak: And it was because of that doctor who took the time to educate me, who cared about me and who healed me that I’m healthy, I’m whole. What if I never found chiropractic, what if I hadn’t made that choice when I was twelve-years-old? I don’t even know where I would be if I would even be here today.

What was my practice like before Cash Practice? It was frustrating, from patients dropping out once their insurance dropped out, to missing payments, and losing receipts, and messy ledgers. The retention was low, the confusion was high, I felt like I was working so hard on the practice that I couldn’t really enjoy working in my practice.

There are so many benefits. I noticed that my PVA went from 12 or 15 visits, and now it’s around 50. Not only did our PVA go up but our cash collections went up 60% is an astronomical number. I had no idea that my PVA, my cash collections, the number of patients who were prepaying in full for their care would skyrocket to such heights in such a short amount of time.

They have 4 main pillars to their systems. The Wellness Score, The Cash Plan Calculator, The Auto-Debit System, and The Drip-Education System, and all 4 of those have supported every aspect of my practice. I was looking for a system like Cash Practice before I even knew it existed. It’s kind of like that old saying, I knew I loved you before I even met you, and that’s how I felt.

I think there is only one way that I can describe the customer service that we’ve received from Cash Practice and that’s the Ritz Carlton Experience. Everyone there is friendly, they’re helpful, and they never make us feel like we’re inconveniencing them.

Zoe Faselt: Early on in the practice when we were still getting used to Cash Practice, some of our payments weren’t actually going through Chirotouch and that was a problem because we were seeing holes in our funding. Ashley sat on the phone with us until we understood exactly how to link those patients, and it made a huge difference to how much funds we were seeing go through.

Dr. Michelle Wozniak: They gave us quick, fast, simple solutions to maybe something that we don’t understand at the time, and that’s worth its weight in gold. Would I recommend Cash Practice? I thought you would never ask. If you’re a doctor or a business owner who’s looking for simplicity, profitability, and freedom, you’ve found it in Cash Practice.

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