The Five Secrets to Running a Low-Overhead, High Profit, Stress-Free Practice

Posted on May 28, 2020 by Holly Jensen


COVID-19 has changed most of our chiropractic businesses. How will your office look post-COVID? What changes will you make once resuming business as normal? As we are learning, chiropractors need a simpler, more efficient way to practice…by running a MicroPractice.

Don’t be fooled – “micro” doesn’t mean it’s less of a practice than a traditional chiropractic office. Instead, “micro” refers to the size of the stress associated – which is far less than a traditional practice.

Join Dr. Margie Smith as she introduces this practice model and shares the top five ways you can run this low-overhead, stress-free, highly profitable practice today!

Hosted by Dr. Miles Bodzin & Holly Jensen of Cash Practice Systems

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Holly Jensen, the esteemed Chief Operations Officer of Cash Practice Systems, oversees a pioneering platform highly regarded in the chiropractic community for its unparalleled ability to boost revenue and retention rates. At its core are innovative tools like The Wellness Score, Care Plan Calculator, Auto-Debit, and Drip-Education Systems, meticulously crafted to aid doctors in enhancing patient retention and revenue. With unwavering commitment, Holly has been instrumental in solidifying Cash Practice Systems as the premier choice for chiropractors seeking practice optimization. Prior to her COO role, Holly collaborated with Dr. Miles Bodzin, CEO of Cash Practice Systems, in leading a highly successful wellness practice in San Diego, showcasing dedication to patient care. Together, they've dedicated over two decades to advancing chiropractic care, inspiring practitioners worldwide. Explore for transformative tools.

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