The Post Pandemic Practice

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Holly Jensen

The world as we knew it got turned upside down with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. We discovered very quickly how many things are out of our control. Every aspect of our lives has been touched by the pandemic.

Areas of weakness are quickly revealed in times like these. Unfortunately for many, the ramifications of the virus will result in illness and, for some, death. Fortunately, a vast majority that contract the virus will recover completely. The health challenges that predispose people to illness and infection have been identified, and now we have an opportunity to learn great lessons from this tragic chapter in history.

The question for our patients is this; what areas of your health need improvement? What are your weak points? People have been awakened to their vulnerability and are looking for answers. As Chiropractors, we have an opportunity to make an incredible difference in the health of America.

In this webinar, we will look at some of the foundational components that contribute to getting and staying healthy. We will look at the biomechanical function and how it affects gait, movement, and posture. Chronic inflammation, obesity, and toxicity are major contributors to pain, illness, and disease and is influenced by how well our nervous system deals with stress and anxiety. All of these areas can easily be identified and quantified with our exam findings. Once we know the areas that need support, a path can be laid out for the patient using the Care Plan Calculator.

The webinar will highlight several assessment tools, including those available through the Cash Practice Systems and Foot Levelers.

This webinar is presented by Dr. Brian Jensen & Dr. Miles Bodzin.

About the Author

Holly Jensen has served the chiropractic profession since 2002 as a CA and Office Manager where she oversaw the operations of Dr. Miles Bodzin’s Chiropractic Wellness Center in San Diego, CA. For more than a decade she has continued to serve the chiropractic community as a Professional Speaker and the Chief Operations Officer for Cash Practice® Systems, the software & training company founded by Dr. Bodzin. To date, she has trained thousands of DC’s and CA’s on how to successfully attract, enroll and retain more patients while skyrocketing cash collections.

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