5 Mistakes Almost Every Chiropractor is Making Online…And How To Fix Them

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Holly Jensen

So many chiropractors, including our CP docs, want more new patients from their online efforts. But unfortunately, most don’t know what they’re truly doing, so they tend to get frustrated and just give up.

We have the answer you’ve been looking for!

Join us as we host fellow Cash Practice Member, Dr. Nick Silveri, owner of LVRG Media, a digital marketing agency for chiropractors.

Dr. Nick, the King of Digital Marketing, has looked at hundreds of Chiropractor’s websites, Facebook pages, Google presence and all sorts of other digital assets.

90% of these digital marketing streams are making the same 5 mistakes and in most cases, is the reason they aren’t able to find success when it comes to marketing online.

Learn from Dr. Nick as he uncovers these 5 mistakes and how to fix them right away. These fixes will not only create more success in practice but will allow more people to experience the life-saving benefits of chiropractic!

About the Author

Holly Jensen has served the chiropractic profession since 2002 as a CA and Office Manager where she oversaw the operations of Dr. Miles Bodzin’s Chiropractic Wellness Center in San Diego, CA. For more than a decade she has continued to serve the chiropractic community as a Professional Speaker and the Chief Operations Officer for Cash Practice® Systems, the software & training company founded by Dr. Bodzin. To date, she has trained thousands of DC’s and CA’s on how to successfully attract, enroll and retain more patients while skyrocketing cash collections.

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