Client Tracking Software

Easily manage all your client data in one place

With Cash Practice Client Tracking Software you will know every detail you need about your clients. From purchases to how much they engage with your email campaigns.

Easily Manage Your Clients

The most powerful Client Tracking Software Search Engine available.

Client Search Engine - Client Tracking Software - Cash Practice Systems

Find the exact clients you need
As your client list grows, you need to be able to search for just those who meet certain criteria. For example, if you wanted to find all Chiropractic or Massage clients who have an email address, have been assigned a specific email campaign, are not in a specified client group and live within 3 miles of your business – you could do exactly that. Pretty darn powerful way to target market just the clients you want.

Client Information

Client Tracking Software beautifully organizes client data at your fingertips.

Custom Client Data Fields - Client Tracking Software - Cash Practice Systems

Client custom fields
Cash Practice Members can define up to 40 different custom fields using Text Inputs, Radio Buttons, Drop-Down Selectors and Check Boxes. The custom fields can then be searched and used as mail-merge variables in emails.

Import Export Client Records - Patient Account Record - Client Tracking Software - Cash Practice Systems

Import client lists
You can easily import your list of clients using our CSV Client Importer. As long as you have an established relationship with the people on your list, feel free to upload them. Our importer will also format your data and remove duplicates for you.

Client Management

Useful features you won’t find in any other Client Tracking Software.

Patient Account Record - Client Tracking Software - Cash Practice Systems

Client records
Client Tracking Software organizes patient data by system and makes it easy to find. View clients’ Wellness Scores, Cash Plans, Auto-Debits and Payments, as well as Email Campaigns and Client Groups. Keep account notes and upload their picture with our built in one-step webcam image capture, and so much more.

Google Map - Client Tracking Software - Cash Practice Systems

Client Google Maps
Cash Practice Systems will display your clients location on Google Maps so you can see “where” to focus your marketing efforts. Every one of your clients with an address can be shown on the map.


Cash Practice Client Tracking Software includes so much more:

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