Some things are meant to be together. Cash Practice Systems and Genesis Chiropractic Software is one of them.

Why Cash Practice Systems?

You can take advantage of the synergy between Genesis and Cash Practice in many ways, including:

The Wellness Score

Loyal patients need feedback on how they’re progressing with care. Patients just get it when you show them the need for your products and services with report cards.

Care Plan Calculator

Care Plan Calculator

Loyal patients need a game plan. Offering care plans with affordable payment options your patients can afford gives them the peace of mind to know their committments.

Auto Debit System

Auto-Debit System

Loyal patients need convenience, ease, and a frictionless payment experience. Automatically collect credit card and ACH payments for one-time and recurring payments.

Drip Education

Drip-Education Email

Loyal patients need to hear from you frequently. Consistently educate, market and communicate with your patients using automated email marketing campaigns.

Don’t take our word for it… If the man who envisioned your EHR is telling you this is a good match then it is!

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