The Wellness Score

The one score you can’t afford to fail

The Wellness Score System is an amazing program that allows you to grade your patient’s health with biomarker testing. It lets you easily show your patients the evidence that they need your care as well as the progress they’re making during the course of care.

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Biomarker Testing Reports Motivate Patients | Cash Practice Systems


Easy to understand color coded report cards.

Patients just get it
Red is bad. Yellow is ok. Green is good. Patients just get it. No need to spend all that time trying to get your patient to understand the meaning of your test results. “Mary, we need to get all these reds to yellow and all the yellows to green.”

Patients hate failing tests
Patients already know what it means when they get an A vs a D- on a test. There’s an emotional response that drives a patient towards wanting to get an A. The Wellness Score motivates your patient to both start and stick with your care plan.

Increased Patient Attraction

Get more new patients.

The Wellness Score Report on computer screen is impressive | Cash Practice Systems

Enroll more new patients
Showing your patients the need for care has never been easier. At your report of findings, when you tell your patient their Wellness Score is a D-, their natural response is “doc, what do we have to do to get it to an A+?”

Showing patients progress with improved biomarker testing results | Cash Practice Systems


Show patients how they are responding.

No more vague progress exams
If you have ever struggled in demonstrating the need for care once a patient’s pain was gone, then you will love using The Wellness Score. When confronted with, “doc, I can stop care now that the pain is gone, right?”, you will simply show the patient their Wellness Score demonstrating that just because their pain is gone, doesn’t mean their biomarkers are normal.

Measuring performance, improves performance
The Wellness Score takes advantage of Pearson’s Law, which states, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” It’s no wonder patients are more likely to stick to their care plan when using The Wellness Score to report their measurements and show progress.


Over 80 biomarkers to choose from.

Many biomarker tests included with The Wellness Score software | Cash Practice Systems

Measure what you want
The Wellness Score System comes preloaded with over 80 biomarkers to select from. No need to change how you’re examining your patients. Although we have biomarkers for Foot Levelers, The Insight™ and PostureCo, there is no requirement to learn or buy expensive new diagnostic equipment. Simply choose the biomarkers you want to measure.

Customize your reports by adding your own biomaker tests | Cash Practice Systems

Add what you want
If there’s a biomarker you need to measure and it’s not part of preloaded ones offered, you can add it to your account. As long as you know how to interpret it’s results, it’s easy to add. Or if you prefer, you can ask us, and we may elect to add your requested parameters to our library of preloaded ones.


It’s a report card for your health.

The Wellness Score report can be customized to your liking | Cash Practice Systems

Customize The Wellness Score
The Wellness Score reports can be customized to your liking. Whether you want to use 3, 4 or 5 different colors for the ratings, or you want to include or exclude the letter grades, or you want to upload pictures such as x-rays or posture pics, you can do it all.

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Share your Wellness Scores

Capture leads on Facebook.

Post your Wellness Score reports to Facebook (all personal info is automatically removed for privacy) and boost your new patient leads. Easily download jpeg images of The Wellness Score to post to social media allowing you to harness the marketing power of Facebook, Instagram or where ever you want to capture more new patients.


The Wellness Score does so much more:

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