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We help grow your retention and cash collections in four easy steps

With our help, it's easy to reduce your dependence on insurance. The Cash Practice Systems 4-Step Process is a proven process for increasing retention and cash collections.

All the systems you need

Payment processing, care plans, email marketing and health outcomes assessments. Cash Practice Systems includes everything you need in one place to collect more cash.

Works on all types of practices

Cash Practice Systems works whether you work alone or in a multi-practitioner practice. If you run a multi-disciplinary practice, accept cash only or cash & insurance, it simply works.

Always improving

Cash Practice Systems is always adding new innovative tools and features, keeping your practice up to speed with free software updates.

Everything you need under one umbrella - Cash Practice Systems

Everything you need under one umbrella to increase your retention and cash collections.

All you want to do is take care of your clients and patients. You’re the doctor. You know what is best for your patients. Insurance companies seem to find any way they can to get in the way of the doctor patient relationship.

You spent all those years and all that money to become a doctor to take care of people, not answer to a third party questioning every move you make. It’s time to break through those roadblocks and get your patients and clients the care they deserve.

Here’s how Cash Practice Systems is going to help increase your retention and cash collections.

Increasing your patient attraction, enrollment and retention will fill your practice with more cash!

Patch the holes in you practice with Cash Practice Systems

Patch The Holes In Your Practice And Collect More Cash

Cash Practice Software & Training will patch the holes in your bucket resulting in increased retention and cash collections.

The Wellness Score

Report and show your patients and clients the need for your products and services. The Wellness Score uses bio-marker testing to produce a graded report card for health that builds value by clearly showing the need for your care.

Cash Plan Calculator

Offer clients affordable and compliant payment plan agreements. The Cash Plan Calculator produces a written payment plan template clients sign when agreeing to purchase your products and services.

Auto-Debit System

Automatically collect credit card payments with recurring credit card authorization forms. The Auto-Debit System is a PCI compliant EMV CHIP enabled POS system for processing one-time & recurring credit cards & ACH payments.

Drip-Education Email

Consistently educate and market to your clients with email marketing services. The Drip-Education Email System is a fully automated and customized email marketing software system that comes with premade campaigns.


Cash Practice Systems includes so much more:

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