The #1 Software for Increasing Retention & Cash Collections


Growth based on new patients is good, but it can become exhausting. Loyal patients are the solid foundation of a successful, profitable practice.


Leveraging growth on just new patients is valid, but at some point, it puts you in a vulnerable position. Cash Practice can help you shield your practice from uncertainty.


You’re doing a thousand things and there’s just not enough time or the right tools to deliver your best. We can help. We do it all the time.

Don’t take our word for it… We have proof.

There are thousands of practices with loyal patients because we’re the #1 platform specifically designed for that.

Cash Practice has been such a great system for our office! It is user friendly and their customer service is fantastic. I would highly recommend!
Alissa Yaw Adams
Alissa Yaw Adams
July 26, 2022
The customer service at Cash Practice is top notch. I have been lucky enough to be in close communication with both Halle and Jayden. Not only do these two ladies know their product inside out, but they are incredibly kind, patient, and skilled when it comes to meeting me where I’m at in my process with the CP software. Super grateful for a wonderful team of support!
Bria Iacini
Bria Iacini
January 19, 2022
The team at Cash Practice is truly AMAZING! We started practice using Cash Practice and then switched, and now we are BACK because they are truly the best and most affordable. The ability to do care plans so easily for multiple members of a family is what brought us back over, but I have just been completely "wowed" through the entire process while working with Brittany. We are so excited to be able to compliantly share these family care plans without having any additional steps on our end other than what their user friendly system provides. Check them out!
Andrea Schrock
Andrea Schrock
December 14, 2021
So, I just want to take the time to really brag on Brittany Hogan. She is honestly one of the most helpful person I have ever met. She will literally spend hours until she has exhausted all information and resources to make sure any issue that you may have is resolved. I am a new graduate, who is planning on opening up on my own, and she was able to resolve a lot of my questions from billing correctly, educating patients on care plans, and so on. She made learning cash practice very easy, and I am super excited about using this system to help as many people as possible. Thanks Brittany!
Kyle Eriksen
Kyle Eriksen
October 19, 2021
I began working as Front Desk Receptionist for Dr. Marsh in December, 2019. There was much to learn and understand with the Cash Practice Systems that caused me to reach out to the team for support. There were MANY distress calls on my part, but every time I called, the girls were always positive, professional, and prompt in helping to "fix errors I made", or talk me through a process. I believe the Cash Practice System is very user friendly, and anything that might be confusing, is cheerfully assisted. I actually look forward to calling, because I know I will have immediate, friendly assistance. In summary....excellent program....excellent support. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Team!!
Scott Marsh (Marsh Chiropractic)
Scott Marsh (Marsh Chiropractic)
September 7, 2021
Cash Practice has been wonderful for our practice. I am specifically writing this review because their level & quality of service is genuinely top-notch. I had a relatively simple question that I asked via their support option and not only was my question answered within the hour, but Halle also made a short video specific to my question & problem to send to me for convenience/ease. I was blown away at that level of service for such a simple question! Simply put, Cash Practice is amazing and they have helped both myself and our practice a lot and are ALWAYS there for support if needed.
PChiro Staff
PChiro Staff
August 12, 2021
A company that has a true passion for there work. Great staff and awesome product. Don't delay and get it for your practice.
Dr. Basil Abuid
Dr. Basil Abuid
May 7, 2021
Recently, we have integrated with Cash Practice; our experience with our rep, Brittany, and our Account Manager Celeste was outstanding! They're always quick to answer any email, text, or call.  Great energy, enthusiastic, I like that about them. They are both very knowledgeable and experience.  Thank you both for making an easy transition.
Dawood Murshidi
Dawood Murshidi
April 26, 2021
Been using cash practice for 8 years. I always want to support vendors who support the chiropractic profession, state and national orgnaizations. They help us win in our practices and have great customer service. I appreciate them greatly.
Dennis Buckley
Dennis Buckley
March 17, 2021

Cash Practice is a superior platform that’s built with innovation in mind. We deliver the structure to grow a loyal patient base.


Informed patients are proven to be worth more than those who aren’t. That means more money in the bank for you.

Imagine having patients who come to you fully knowing what care will do for them. They’re committed to completing it and even make arrangements for active care after the initial treatment. That’s the power of loyalty. Cash Practice gives you the tools to make this an everyday occurrence in your practice. See your team go from just working to having fun while taking care of your patients. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it with Cash Practice.


Do what you love with the systems that allow it. Love what you do because it’s a pleasure and not a chore.

Explain care to patients and see them embrace a plan. Show progress, stop chasing dollars and communicate with your patients effectively. Watch your team thrive in a motivated and positive environment… All of this is possible because the second that you eliminate friction from tedious and ineffective procedures, you’re finally able to communicate with patients like never before.


Do you think you need a fortune to run an efficient practice? It actually costs less than having breakfast every day.

If you can afford a breakfast bagel with extra schmear plus a coffee every day, then you can have Cash Practice help transform your practice like never before. Present care plans that patients will commit to while having a collection process that automates and removes headaches. Explain and prove progress to motivated patients, and then engage new and existing patients without hunting them down. Hey, it’s easier than ordering breakfast– and a whole lot cheaper.

Let Cash Practice eliminate thousands of headaches and barriers. Our four solutions will help your practice reach its full potential.

The Wellness Score

Loyal patients need feedback on how they’re progressing with care. Patients just get it when you show them the need for your products and services with report cards.

Care Plan Calculator

Care Plan Calculator

Loyal patients need a game plan. Offering care plans with affordable payment options your patients can afford gives them the peace of mind to know their committments.

Auto Debit System

Auto-Debit System

Loyal patients need convenience, ease, and a frictionless payment experience. Automatically collect credit card and ACH payments for one-time and recurring payments.

Drip Education

Drip-Education Email

Loyal patients need to hear from you frequently. Consistently educate, market and communicate with your patients using automated email marketing campaigns.

Plans & Pricing

Simple pricing that’s affordable for any size practice.

Includes All Training. Just pick the systems and client size you need and you’re off and running.

After being leery to try cash practice, our office was astounded at how easy it was to use and how our patient retention increased. Using the wellness reports were so much better than what we used to do. Patients like getting a health "grade" and want to improve it. I was surprised how easy it was to get patients on the auto-debit system and how much more efficient our office runs when we don't have to discuss money each visit and having a CA basically swiping credit cards all day! I can't recommend Cash Practice enough!!!!

It's an amazing and necessary tool for any chiropractor. Easy to use and implementable. Cash's practice has taken away all the stress of finances and billing and all of that energy and time is given back to loving on our people!

I would recommend this company. They surpassed my expectations. Exceptional customer service, everyone is very helpful! The Auto-Debit system saves us a lot of hassle.

Very well put together a multifaceted system for bolstering insurance independence in our office. The technical support is second to none, with training way more valuable than the little bit we pay each month. Every single time I call, I am greeted by a support person who is not only the kind of friendly and personable I want my staff to be but knows the answers to even the minutest questions.

This platform makes it so easy for patients to stay current with the balances. I love being able to have their credit cards charged on a specific day every month. I love that we have a link on our website for the online many patients are starting to use that portal! The ease of use is hands down unbeatable! Our patients love it, our team loves it, our bank account loves it!

EVERYTHING about this system and software makes our chiropractic practice flow with education and efficiency!! THANK YOU!

I've been with CashPractice for over nine years. It's great as it is but it's always being improved because the company is dedicated to excellence. It just keeps getting better and better!

I like the ease of using it. I like that it makes so many daily functions just automatic. I work by myself without a CA so I don't have to stop after caring for each patient and run a credit card. I have "retired" from an insurance-based practice seeing over a 100 patients a day with 5 CA's, an associate doctor, and two interns to working by myself without any staff seeing 25 patients a day and a 100% cash practice with NO stress and a 100% more fun! I could not have done that without CASH PRACTICE.

I've used Cash Practice Systems almost from the start of practice, but especially after becoming an Epic Practice. We now use Cash Practice Software for Care Plan creation and run nearly every single part of our collections through it! It's honestly just so well thought out. Constantly getting updated, smarter & better and integrates with ChiroTouch.

Excellent! I am not very tech savvy and this Cash Practice software is so easy to use! I love it! I give Cash Practice my highest review! I am planning on telling all my Chiropractic colleagues! The 1 day Hands on Training Seminar is a must! These ladies ROCK!

Hands down, the absolute best program of its kind. I wanted to have a turnkey system in place that made our financial plans and payment options stress-free and professional. Cash Practice has done that and so much more. Whether you are insurance based or cash, they are the absolute best system and team in place to deliver every single time. Do yourself and your practice members a favor and check them out!

We've been clients of Cash Practice Systems almost since we opened in 2007. It's a great way to offer care plan options and monthly memberships while offering top-notch security (aka peace of mind). They have a great training library and our experience with customer service has always been prompt, personable, and pleasant. I recommend Cash Practice Systems to my colleagues often.

Cash Practice is Awesome. Everyone is accessible and willing to help. The software continues to improve, there's training, tutorials, online academies, and wait for it...ACTUAL LIVE HUMANS in San Diego (as opposed to off-shore pretending to be in the states) that are happy to help. If you're looking for ways to generate income and keep your financial documentation in order call the Cash Practice team!!!!

We LOVE Cash Practice! If you have the chance to work with them, you will find their team to be exceptional. They have the best team in place to help support you with any random needs, or not so random business needs you may have. They have always gone above and beyond to produce exceptional quality support that I find is somewhat lost these days with other businesses. Thank you, CP!

Such a stand-up company! Cash Practice Systems provides so many valuable tools to run a practice much more efficiently. What you get for their products and service is really a bargain! I’m especially amazed at the Cash Practice Customer Service. I've contacted them for various reasons interacting with several different staff members and every single time, I was treated like I was the most important customer!

The Cash Practice team excels at customer service and giving attention to their end users. We have been with them since the beginning and have no reason to think that would change. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their energy is amazing. Shout out to Holly for having an awesome team and being hands-on with the customers as well. She makes it all look easy! LOVE LOVE LOVE

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We are excited to help you succeed. From the sales team to our merchant services department, technical and customer support personnel, software engineers, and all the way up to our executives; we all share the same mission: To help our members increase their patient loyalty and get on a path to true financial independence. We’re here for you.

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